I was raised Christian. I fell away from Christianity in my early teens. I’ve experimented with several religions… Christianity, Wicca, LaVeyan Satanism, secular humanism… But there’s one religion that I keep coming back to: Buddhism.

I consider myself a Buddhist, and I practice many Buddhist principles and such in my life.

Despite being of a “heretic” religion (in the eyes of Christianity) and being gay, one of my favorite bands is still the Christian band, Skillet.

Their music speaks to me unlike any other band’s. Shinedown is the only other band that comes close to how Skillet makes me feel inside.

I know a lot of their songs are talking about God, but I can easily apply them to my life without having to use the Christian meaning. Hooray for awesome song writing that allows the music to be open to interpretation.

Just thought I’d post this… I’m in a dark spot right now, and Skillet is helping me cope :3