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Many say that the LGBT community needs a leader as vocal, as powerful, and as dedicated as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was to the African American community.  These people are right; we do need a leader.  What many don’t realize, however, is that there has already been a martyr for our cause.  Harvey Milk was a gay man who, after spending several years fighting for equal rights for the LGBT community, was assassinated by a man who hated gays.

Harvey Milk should be seen as an inspiration for the whole LGBT community.  We must not let his death have been for nothing.  We must pull together; we must be strong against the homophobia that plagues America.  To be completely honest, we must fight for equality or, like Harvey Milk before us, die trying.

If you would like to know more about Harvey Milk, I encourage you to buy or rent the 2008 documentary Milk.  In fact, the title of this blog, “Civil Rights, Civil War,” comes from the documentary.

Civil rights or civil war? Gay rights now!